I'm having some real problems with my midi set up in my studio. I'm using CakeWalk 6.0 Pro Audio, a Midiman Midisport USB controller, and connecting to a Roland JV-2080. Now, I know the JV-2080 has some timing problems. But I'm getting these even when I'm just using a single patch, muting the other channels, and it's just a quarter note snare on beats 2 and 4!! I believe this may also be happening on my other keyboards, but I haven't fully tested it yet.

I've got 6 foot midi cables, and I even tried connecting the cable directly to the JV-2080, instead of routing it through my other instruments in the chain, and it still did it. Is there any reason to believe that it might be my cables, and if so, what would you recommend as the best midi cables to get?? I'm running Cakewalk on a Pentium III 500MHz machine, so that processor isn't an issue. I've disabled virus scanning and any other application that might be running in the background. This is really disheartening!! What else should I look for??