How reliable are midi cables?

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How reliable are midi cables? - 11/13/00 06:44 AM

I'm having some real problems with my midi set up in my studio. I'm using CakeWalk 6.0 Pro Audio, a Midiman Midisport USB controller, and connecting to a Roland JV-2080. Now, I know the JV-2080 has some timing problems. But I'm getting these even when I'm just using a single patch, muting the other channels, and it's just a quarter note snare on beats 2 and 4!! I believe this may also be happening on my other keyboards, but I haven't fully tested it yet.

I've got 6 foot midi cables, and I even tried connecting the cable directly to the JV-2080, instead of routing it through my other instruments in the chain, and it still did it. Is there any reason to believe that it might be my cables, and if so, what would you recommend as the best midi cables to get?? I'm running Cakewalk on a Pentium III 500MHz machine, so that processor isn't an issue. I've disabled virus scanning and any other application that might be running in the background. This is really disheartening!! What else should I look for??
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Re: How reliable are midi cables? - 11/13/00 01:10 PM

I don't know if you can connect the midisport
thru the serial port, as probably it's the USB connection.
Otherwise look for updated drivers just in case there are, as USB sucks for midi timing!

Don't forget , just in case you did not do this, to disable midi echo in cakewalk.
I am not sure about CPA 6 as I did not use that version a long time, but I think there's also a midi thru option you can turn off!

I also use a PIII 500 and have no midi timing
problems at all, and my cables are much longer!
I do use though the serial connection of my
midi patchbay. (AMT8)
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Re: How reliable are midi cables? - 11/13/00 01:17 PM

USB sucks for midi timing? I thought this was supposed to be the latest, greatest thing? If I'd known that ahead of time, I'd have spend my money on something other than a USB midisport!

I don't think CW has any midi-thru controls, but I will make sure echo is turned off. I tried this once already, and it didn't make any difference.
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Re: How reliable are midi cables? - 11/13/00 02:32 PM

If the change settings in CPA don't work, first try to hook another keyboard which you know for sure it has no midi timing problems.

Also CPA 6.0 is an old version which could have some problems with todays O/S (win98)

You could post the problem in the Roland JV Section on this BBS, as I can remember someone having simular problems! which had to do with a setting on the JV2080.
I don't own a JV2080 so I cannot recall this.
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Re: How reliable are midi cables? - 11/22/00 01:36 AM

USB to me stands for:
U Sonofa Bitch!
Oh yeah the transfer is great, WHEN IT WORKS.
Seems like everything I own either music related or camera or scanner or whatever that has a USB connector is just a total ball breaker. It works, it don't work, it works again, now again it don't, oh now it does, no wait...ugh again, over an over an over. I want to whip the person who invented that connector with his own cable! UGH!GRRR!
this can't be just me could it!???

ok, i feel good now

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Re: How reliable are midi cables? - 11/22/00 04:37 AM

I decided to send my USB Midisport back and exchange it for the Portman serial interface. If that doesn't work, I guess I'll just have to save up my pennies and buy the AMT. It's more than I need, but at least it's reliable. We'll see how this serial version works. Of course, it'll be three weeks before Musican's Friend turns this around, but I'm taking the holiday's "off" anyway.
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Re: How reliable are midi cables? - 11/22/00 09:14 AM

More than likely , It's the USB of your PC . A PCs USB port is simply not as fast or reliable as MAC USB . I build both computers and I have found this to be true , I use my USB with audio and MIDI in my 333mzh IMAC and have no troubles what so ever . So rather than get into some meaningless MAC VS PC war , try using using one of your PCI slots . The PC USB is simply not good enough .