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good luck with whatever new arranger you buy

i will continue to enjoy and wow the crowd with my AUDYA

Thank you Leezone,I will thing about new arranger,but one is for shure:Ketron never again!!!
More then two years or maby more we all talking about problems with Audya,but nobady complain against instrument like they are but complain what kinde of relation Ketron haw with hes coustomers.Audya is not finish instrument and my patience is come to finish line.Cant weight enimore for things and funkcions who I allredy pay on first day when I purhase that arranger.Thing must go much faster and Ketroners must know that.I dont really care what my dealer can do with my Audya,I just dont want that instrument enimore cos is not what I pay.
In Europa union is some regulations abaut that kinde of thing,and I used them if its nececery.Allso I dont want my money back,anaf is if I can chouce ather arranger who I can play with no fear on gig.
And what I can say about sound on my hipotetical new instrument?
People on my Gigs dont care if they hear Audya Trumpet or Trumpet from some Tyros4 arranger for exsample....