After a little more then 14 days my Audya coming back from Italy.Like you prabably know I haw troubles with USB conection to my comp and some midi errors.
What I can report?
Befor I got my instrument I asck my dealer what ketroners do on my instrument and answer is supriset me."I dont know" was an answer.I got no eny paper from Ketron what was be a problem,if change some parts or something.What are weighting for me in store is only karton box with my Audya.
Of course ewerything what I can test in thous two days work perfect.My first inpresion is much bether and clearest sound...Live guitars is more gentlest and realy clear.Midi guitars who suport some dificult shords like Dim chord in Live guitar section is much louder then befor and sobstitute Live guitar sound.
I supose Ketron guys reload all OS once again.My user styles dont exsist enymore in some folders but I dont blame for that.They was not somethin special.Cos my USB rear port working again and haw no problem with PC conection.
With one word:Ketroners do a good jobe.

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