hi all.
I create msp file with some notes
when saved and copy the file .msp into instrument folder all see to be ok
try to load it, clear all ram ins and reload and work fine
edit program and use mps like normal ins file work good
but after reboot audya the file .msp is make error when loading. "file corrupt"
and if try to reopen in wav editor for editing msp same message
I must delete it !!
repeat the same many time, if I rework the msp starting from zero it work all ...
reload ok, stop and get error after reboot !!
I think about the wave, then I use simple 4 wave mono, every note for 1 wav... and work ok only before reboot, then it's file corrupt
what append ??

last question is: the wave editor accept and save stereo waves too.. but the msp editor automatic store waves stereo to mono ?
then all mps will be mono ? I can't believe
I wan't .ins editor !!!!
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