Hi Sokratis, many thanks for your esplanation but I try to do this that you say and I can't.
I send a pattern name TEST_CHOR5, in this pattern in Ch 5 there's a SAXO, I want to copy this SAXO to another Ch,(for example Ch4 that is a empty Ch), now I'll tell you the steps that I do to make the copy and could you say me if it's correct?.
I search the style in USER STYLE and I select it (F1-F10) > EDIT (Now I have in the main screen of EDIT) > F9 (COPY)
Now you say that I can select in FROM the variation A,B,C,D and the Ch (1,2,3,4,5). Next step F7 Select variation A,B,C,D, and the Ch (1,2,3,4,5), (in this case I want copy from Ch 5 to Ch4) I try but don't work, I make some mistake? Many thanks Sokratis. Andreu

TEST_CHORD5.zip (6 downloads)

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