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In Audya5 there any way to copy the Drum1 for Drum2 and CHORD1 for chord2, etc...?


Yes of course you can to copy a section of style...
Select your style that you want, press (EDIT) press F9 - COPY: Access to the COPY menu.

The Copy feature can be used for a single part (e.g.
Chord 2), or an entire arrangement (Arranger B) "Global"

1) Selected the Arrangement to Copy from by
pressing the F2 button, then using the dedicated
Arranger buttons (A, B, C, D …Ending).
2) Selected the Arrangement to Replace (Copy to)
by pressing the F7 button and changing with the
Data Value wheel.
3) Use the navigation arrows to select either the
whole Arrangement part (Global) or a single part
of the selected Arrangement you want to Copy
from the displayed column.
4) Press EXECUTE to actually copy the selected
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