Thank you; this makes sense and is very helpful. It seems that the 8 note maximum applies in all cases when the sequencer is running, correct? For instance, last night I was recording a single snare track into my DAW, and had the seven other tracks in the sequence turned down in volume, and one of the snare notes kept cutting off, even if I re-recorded it.

[edit to include:] on a related topic, I've often experienced a strange phenomenon of a very loud note at the end of sequences. It's out of context, involves one of the programs I'm using in the sequence, and is a note I didn't play. It does not occur everytime, but seems to happen only when I'm manually chaining sequences together on have arranged them in the song. It seems to play at the full 63 volume level. Once it happens for the first time, that sequence is cursed to play this note everytime I attempt to record the sequence with others or as a song, but does not occur when just playing the single sequence as a loop. Does this sound familiar?

As potentially frustrating as it can be in cases like this, it's a delightful challenge working around limitations such as these just to be able to use this amazing technology.

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