With regards to changing the volumes.
* Select the style you want (Factory[User Style button off] or USER [User Style button on]).
* Make sure the arranger is not running (style is off).
* Make sure Key start is off.
* Press INTRO (or twice) for Ending and screen should display which part of the Arranger you're in (top left corner from default screen).
* Press STYLE VIEW - display shows all style parts (Drums, Bass, chords ... etc).
* Use F1-F10 to select the part whose volume you want to change (e.g F3 - Bass).
* Press < or > data buttons to change the volume [If User 5/10=Global, this change will impact all both Intro and Ending; if Single, it will impact just the part you're in).
* Use Data wheel to change voice (if you want).
* When done, press SAVE. If you overwrite name, it overwrites current user style. If you give it a new name, it creates a new style with these settings!

Hope this helps.


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