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Hi Tony,

what happened was I left it on for about 90 minutes, came back pressed a chord in left hand auto styles, and then this continuous organ sound, your right about that, and same as you had to switch off at the power. Can I ask any one from Ketron, is there a sleep period for the hard drive? maybe thats it? I dont know, all I know is this is the best sounding rig out there, and i want it right for jobs, bceause its incredible, but it has to be right. Maybe the ram has got something to do with it, the call from the hard drive particulary with the live mix maybe just a liitle too much for the on board ram, is this why the upgraded it on the 4 and five?? once again dont know, but would like to> amd soon. Still waiting on my pen drive, why didn't Ketron just get a list of owners from the dealers and post directly to them/us. I would have been happy to pay online for it.


Sorry I didn't get back, my KB has only locked up once I have tried to repeat it again, Robbo I keep telling people imagine the Audya as a dumb terminal it has no brain inside, itís not like PC I know people don't like Bill Gates but Microsoft XP and all the other OS are very powerful bit of kit, if you mess up on a PC you will be back to normal in no time or the OS won't let you do stupid things with it, everything is controlled via the software, Audya is not like that. Don't look for fancy things causing this, it's more like two cars coming to a set of lights both ignoring the red lights, one day bang. That's our lock up, two or three buttons pressed at the same time, trying to repeat this is almost impossible. It's a bit like playing a Wurlitzer pipe organ, you will never get the same sound twice because of the permutations of the tabs, millions.
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