Hi all, at first let me wish to all of you, a nice new year with a lot of music businesses smile
Relatively to my doubt ..
Last days ive started using the cubase because i wanted to have live guitars playing in Endings, i wrote you a post about it and meanwhile i could achieve it (it was nice).
I think i can understand now a little better channels and midi. I can do the sytle in cubase, but for me to do all the style in the cubase i would need to hear too, my audio live guitars (mine not, internal from the audya) that i normally choose in Arranjer A,B,C for example, and it seems me that this is not possible or it is ??
What i am saying is, i can hear the return of what im playing if it is a normal gm voice (works fine by midi), but because it is an audio live guitar i will not be playing this song because its not a normal gm voice. Then i thought that the only way so can hear my live audia guitar is having the wave of this guitar and put in a track in cubase, but it doesnt work because i cant have access to these waves (internal (audy) audio live guitars). So the question is, there is any way so can i hear the audio live guitars playing through midi ? Or this must be done without midi? With a wave ? Somebody can help me?

Nice weekend to all ,

And thanks any help