Wow ! What a difference. I mean I have had my Audya quite awhile and know the difference. I don't mean just the great sounding styles and automatic articulating instruments, but all the voices and styles sound better, and they were super before.

There has been so much done, it is simply overwhelming, and I am not one to over hype things. I have to take more time with AJ's DVD tutorial and see what I have.

As far as AJ is concerned, he has been super. You can't really appreciate him until you become a customer.

The process of putting in the new HD is not hard with his detailed instructions and I am not that tech savvy. I have to tell on myself though. You simply take out two screws and detach the 50 pin ribbon and take out the old drive. No problem. However, in reversing the process, I misaligned the ribbon connector, but it didn't show. The result was that the Audya couldn't read the HD-duh.

AJ was right there to the rescue with e-mail and phone calls until he could diagnose my error. I put the connector on right and VOILA.

Anyone not having AJ's package( I got the Premium) is really missing out.

More later

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