by mistake i have erased my hdd, i sent it to Ketron Ancona and they put on the resources. After this i made a copy off all the files on the hard drive - including the system ones as they came from ketron. I wanted to test them to see if it works with other hdd in case of a fault, i uploaded the files in audya, everithing works fine but i can not make an update on this hdd. When i connect the USB, i run the update, it installs, at restart i hold the F10 key and unplugged but it doesn`t make any says on the display that message and it holds like that....i have tried in many ways, clone hdd, copy partition but nothing....the new hdd`s size is 100gb but formatting it, the audia creates a partition of 74gb. All i can say is that on the original hdd the update installs without probl.What could it be? the hdd must pe cloned in other way....i made a copy with total commander with the hiden files obtion.....what are we doing in case of a fault of the hard drive?