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Hi Christian,

The USER STYLE folder you found (with the category folders inside) relates directly to the buttons on the panel and what can be found in the screen. In other words, when you press the USER STYLE button on the top panel followed by a Style category Button (for example ballad), the Audya will display all the styles in the ballad folder you found, you can then select in the normal way using the F1 to F10 buttons either side of the screen.

If you wish to put an extra Ballad style in there from a third party vendor, it is enough to place it in the ballad folder - The Audya will automatically allow you to select the new style from the top panel without having to keep searching the hard drive


Ok,that explanation is good anaf,but what is about size of some sub user styles folder?
Haw meny styles we can store in some folder? and
can we create extra folders in User style folder or extra folders in sub folders?