Here's the last 2 pics ...
KB goes into the iRig mixer, as well as my wireless mic and the iPad. All three get sent to the Bose, and I have hands on control without ever turning my head away from the audience.
I think this just MAY be the best setup, I've ever had.

The PA-AS gives me loud, clear, in my face monitoring - the Bose gives me excellent, room-filling, non abrasive sound reinforcement, and the ipad is the best jukebox in town.

For really small jobs, I leave the Bose in the trunk, and the sound bar is all the amplification I need. The new mic boom mod I made keeps a teeny footprint, and all the wires and mixer fit into a laptop bag
that sits in the top "V" of the X stand, out of sight, under the Korg. I use a stretchy kb cover in front of the stand ... attaches to all 4 points on the X stand - keeps a neat look, and hides the wires.

For the unusual case when I need a larger setup - All I need to do is bring my 2 powered QSC K8s and daisy chain them from the Bose! Nothing changes except the room coverage!



Description: This mixer has exceptional clarity, and is so convenient where it sits. at my right hand, you'll see the 2 remotes for the lights - velcro'd to the Korg to stay put.

Every instrument, every voice, every sound in nature ... these are are all my private tutors ... 24/7 for free, and all I have to do is listen.