Hi,when i open my audya5 I press pop style and the new euro cha was not on the sceen so I press on party style and fiesta was not there,So I done a reboot ,after the reboot the screen open with the slow ballad instead of 12 ballad.That mean that i lost all my new styles from the upgrade 4.2b.I press on the country style =country beat and this style dont play and I cannot press another style I have to shut the power and reopen the power =so there is a bug on country beat.
The upgrade was done by my dealer so I dont have the pendrive.
now i am upset of the audya5 When I had the sd5 I never had a problem
Can you help me on this problem
P/S I have done a backup of the 4.2b version Can I format the hard disk and download the backup
Ketron SD60, monitors Focal Alpha80,mixer yamaha