Audya5 Bug

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Audya5 Bug - 07/07/12 07:02 PM

Hi,when i open my audya5 I press pop style and the new euro cha was not on the sceen so I press on party style and fiesta was not there,So I done a reboot ,after the reboot the screen open with the slow ballad instead of 12 ballad.That mean that i lost all my new styles from the upgrade 4.2b.I press on the country style =country beat and this style dont play and I cannot press another style I have to shut the power and reopen the power =so there is a bug on country beat.
The upgrade was done by my dealer so I dont have the pendrive.
now i am upset of the audya5 When I had the sd5 I never had a problem
Can you help me on this problem
P/S I have done a backup of the 4.2b version Can I format the hard disk and download the backup
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Re: Audya5 Bug - 07/08/12 01:05 AM

do not do anything so radical as formatting your drive!!! in my experience this kind of problem is easily fixed.

should follow the instructions here

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Re: Audya5 Bug - 07/08/12 07:05 AM

Thanks Darren,I try to do the 3 step:I turn on th Audya,I press F5 and user 1/6 touch buttom after C:forward,but nothing happen,
Athought when I done the checksum test everything passed OK and I the checksum was 3F6B9A06 and the DSP0 Test was 9708.
But know after making the test all the new styles with a blue dot came back.
But I check the hard disk and where is the All Tabs .Tabs check was OK (factory backup)But at the end of the list I have another All Tabs.Tabs I done the checkup and the result was Flash Write Error.May be I am not suppose to have 2 All Tabs.Tabs.
3308FW04.fir OK
9708F10B.TST OK
9708F1AV00.Sam OK
All OK
Audy5 42b.mem OK
Micro 10A.TST OK
Parm 003F.PCM OK
Parm 0040.PCM OK
3308 FW04.FIRM OK
All Tabs.Tab ==Flash Write Error
Parm 0000.pcm OK
I dont know if I can delete with my PC the second All Tabs.Tab because I have 2
I thank you very much for your help
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Re: Audya5 Bug - 07/08/12 07:33 AM

First of all, due to a problem with the checksum program in 4.2B, KETA02 will give you an "ERR" message even if the checksum is correct. if it says OK, then you still have a problem. The correct Checksum is "88F51049".

regarding the alltabs test, it takes a few goes as you have to press both buttons at exactly the same time.

There should only be one in the root directory. I am unsure how it is possible that two files of identical names can exist together and I did not think it possible? Because I do not fully understand the situation I recommend that tomorrow you call your distributor for advice.
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Re: Audya5 Bug - 07/08/12 01:14 PM

Hi Darren I just done the check as F5 and 1/6 and forward and on the left bottom screen is CK 2C2BE9C5=OK
I still have 2 AllTabs.Tab =4.096KO created 13 of june 2003 and modified on the 4 of january 2005.
If I go to Factory AllTabs.Tab=4.096KO created on the 9 of november 2001 and modified on the 3 of march 2010
So you thing I should call my dealer ?
Thanks again
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Re: Audya5 Bug - 07/09/12 06:08 AM

Yes, call them. Because the keyboard is under warranty I cannot tell you to do anything other than run the tests. I do not know how you are covered and would not want to suggest anything that your dealer may be concerned about.

What I do know is that your checksum results ashould NOT all be OK. KETA02 must read an ERRor and the value must be 88F51049, if it is any different - even if it says its OK) you must reload a couple of files. Your distributor should help you with that as the factory have produced detailed instructions on how to go about this task.
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Re: Audya5 Bug - 07/10/12 05:44 PM

Hi,TWD ,I had follow your suggestion and I when to my dealer,there will check it on monday only.
I had to travel 600 KM
But I try another audya5 to check the mute guitar and it was the same has mine,I dont like this sound I think a mute guitar is a mute guitar because next to the audya5 there was a Tyros3 and I try the mute guitar and I can tell it was a real mute guitar,on the audya the mute guitar is to much echo.well when my audya5 will came back I will give you a foolow up and I can predict there will be no change and there will be 2 folders of maybe I am wrong ,lets wait
Thanks again
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Re: Audya5 Bug - 07/11/12 02:03 AM

If you don't like the echo on the mute guitar you can edit the sound and resave into your programs (which are like user voices). When you select the sound group (in this case guitar) instead of just pressing one of the "F" touch buttons to select the sound, press and hold the F button which opens up the edit mode. From there you can make many changes, then save into your program section.
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Re: Audya5 Bug - 07/11/12 05:39 AM

Thanks I will do what you tell me ,when my audy5 came back from the repair
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Re: Audya5 Bug - 07/17/12 10:35 AM

Hi,Yesterday my audya5 came back and it was repair,everything work fine,I have check if I had 2 folders but now there is only one The repairman have to re install the 4.2b version again.The repairman told me that there was 2 corrupt styles and sounds.
Darren I try to save the modified mute guitar and save it but no luck.I hold the F mute guitar and press save but the screen open with registration,style,custum and factory but I did not find the program section,Can you help to save my modified mute guitar
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Re: Audya5 Bug - 07/19/12 03:04 AM

I am not in front of my keyboard just now, but if you download the owners manual you will find instructions from page 48. (the reference to voice edit is on page 59)