I am new to the site. After not using the lionstacs for a while, it refused to start. I finaly found the fault was the bios battery. The crash had corrupted the drive ect. I got in touch wih Donenico and he was very helpfull. He said that the software had advanced, so i would need to update the X76. I have upgraded the mediastation X76 extended. Asrock 770 extreme Motherboard the new graphics card for the LVD for touchscreen. When upgrading the software with the Boot USB the update froze. The message was can,t mount harddrive ect.
Checked in the Bios and all the drives are there, Maxtor HD,
DVD writer, Floppy, USB. All the drives were Disabled and i have tried everything to enable them. So every try to install fails as it cant write to hard drive. I have put the drive in a computer and it works O/K the Bios settings are as they should for the install of the system. It askes for the driver
for the Maxtor. I looked to the web and all i can find is download tool for running on a working system. Also the Bootable partition on the Stick has been corrupted. So i saved the OS off the stick and made a Bootable CD and started to install from a USB CD drive. Once again it installed to the point where it asked for the Maxtor driver to be put in
floppy. The post is a bit long winded but the more imformation the better the help.
Thanks for any help in advance.
Yours (computers are great) Brian