I downloaded over the time tons of midifiles and now if I look at them in midi database, i see lot of tune1000 or hands on midi etc... buyt it is not like I even knew those are made for sale - I downloaded them from all those personal sites and midi search engines and whats not.
What a shame, yes i totally believe it is non sustainable business but then again, maybe the high initial price was culprit. I wouldn't mind paying the itunes prices at all and mix and match, but many of them were selling it in packs where i didn't care for most of the songs.
I remember site eatsleepmusic selling in this way per item and for a buck or few. but that is gone now it is an online karaoke singing site ...

i will check the hands on midi how they work on psr910, if they are as flawless as the t1000 with correct channels set for score -this is why I love them, I put it on PSR and then play the solo on violin looking at the display. (just hate when the score switch to bass key for some measurements - it totally throws me off)
Oasys, Karma, PSR 910