Let me see if I can get this point across without sounding negative . . . I have been trying to use the STS setting with the STS light flashing on my PA3X. That setting causes the STS selection to change when a different style variation is selected.

Many songs that I play tend to need a different registration in voicing mid measure somewhere in the song. That is, the next phrase often starts in the middle (or one or two beats before the end) of a measure. That's the point where I sense a need for new voicing. When I used changes in Panel Memories for registration changes with the KN7000, the rhythm would change at the first beat of the next measure but the voicing changed at the next key press. So the voice changed almost instantly while the style changed at the start of the next measure. When I try to use the Korg STS/Style Variation function, I can't find a way to trigger the voicing change except at the start of the next measure along with the variation change. That's too late for the voicing changes that I want, but correct for the style variation change that is needed.

Is there any place deep in editing menus that would let me change the way that function works? If not, how do you folks deal with this issue? I've tried changing variations one measure earlier but it doesn't sound right, especially if I have an automatic fill working. And, it often causes a voice change for the first beat or so of the measure that I don't want. For now, I cannot use the function and I leave the STS button lit all the time or unlit.