Hi Again Audya Owners & Synthzone Friends,

After listening ( Several Times ) to AJ's demos and reading the information ( SEVERAL TIMES ) on what is included in the Deluxe AJAMSONIC Upgrade Package, I'm going for it!

Included in the upgrade, AJ say's he'll get rid of my Audio Out Problem once and for all ,which I've had since day one.

Repairing that problem alone, is worth the upgrade! Everything else included will be a bonus as far as I'm concerned.

The additions included in the package are really quite extensive. New and revamped styles and solo voices, improvements in overall balancing of sounds and volume level's, improvements and added features in the harmonizer, many new audio drum and guitar samples and on and on.

To top it all off, my Dealer Frank at AudioWorks is shipping me his PERSONAL AUDYA to use while mine is being upgraded. AJ's package has been installed in Frank's so I'll get a great preview of what to expect from mine.

I JUST COULDN'T pass up what AJ & Frank offered to do for me, and I must admit, I'm getting pretty excited to check all this new stuff out.

My main concern was retaining all of my edited User Styles which I spent hour's and hour's getting just the way I wanted.

All of AJ's styles and solo voices are in ADDITION to Ketron's original's. Nothing LOST, everything GAINED!

I'll post a complete review of AJAMSONIC once I've spent a day or two on the NEW machine.

In the meantime, Thank You Frank for being such a Great Dealer and providing me with outstanding customer service.

Thank You AJ for your work involved in Providing us needed resolutions to problems and a extensive upgrade package for us to enjoy and share.