Let's be honest - A lot of the Drum sounds on synths and modules suck - Period. In addition to playing keys, I play drums and some other instruments.

A lot of the music I listen to stem from the 70s and 80s (Funk, Old School, 80s Pop, Mid 70s Rock, etc). Drum sounds are crucial to me, so I got a sampler (since everyone recommended pikcing up a sampler for sounds that surpass that of a synth).

Fast forward, I ran out and got a Roland S760 Sampler. After messing around with some sample CDs, I figured out that many of the Drum sounds available on Sample CDs suck just as much, and cost several times more! ($200-$300 for shitty sounds).

What gives?! I'm not referring to electronic drum sounds (which a lot of synths do well). I have a Roland XP60 (Fully expanded w/ Hip-Hop, Bass & Drums, Orchestral and Exp II cards) which has decent drum sounds, but the acoustic sounds are terrible.

Now for the point - What are your experiences with realistic sounds on synths. Have you run into anything good? Is there anything you want to recommend to anyone here? What do you use in your sessions or on your recordings?

The only drum collection that I heard that I thought was mind blowing was the Roland SRX-01 Dynamic Drums Board. This drum collection simply blows everything out of the water and is useful for almost any genre.

What do you all think about certain Drum Sample libraries? Ross Garfield? Bob Clearmountain? I thought those sucked as well. The Roland LCDP1 Drum & Cymbal CD sucks major ass as well.

Let's talk people - Share your experiences.

The Infamous Epu.