Why/when would you use SAVE - STYLE?

STYLES are made up of 8 parts (2 Drum tracks, 1 Bass and 5 Chords) on the current KETRON products. Let's say you select a style "COUNTRY-1" and when listening to it, you feel the bass might be too loud and rather than having a FOLK guitar played by CHORD 1, you would rather have COUNTRY_FX. You would then go to the ARRANGER VIEW, select BASS (F3) and reduce/adjust the volume to where you want it, then select CHORD 2 and change FOLK to COUNTRY_FX. Now if you want this STYLE to remain like this PERMANENTLY, you will need to press SAVE and STYLE (F2) to save the current STYLE settings. Next time you recall this style, it will load up with YOUR settings and NOT the original.

SAVE STYLE - save settings ONLY within the STYLE.
SAVE REGISTER - saves almost everything INCLUDING style settings!!!

Hope this helps.


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