Tony, AJ et al,
I don't own a Ketron product so; I have no experience only questions. I will buy a Midjay as soon as I can get answers to my questions. I did bid, unsuccessfully, on the Midjay that AJ had on ebay last week. AJ partially answered one of my questions that being the possibility of saving style registrations. I would like to know if you can save the registrations with song titles rather than '001' etc. And, from another Ketron forum, I learned that it is possible to save the registrations in a particular file and in a specific order, depending how they are identified since the Midjay displays in alphabetical or numerical order. I also learned that you can edit and save midi files to a playlist and again, in a specific order.
An additional question; is it possible to expeditiously navigate between the midi file playlist and the style registrations file?
Here’s how I currently do it with the Genesy XP or the PA 800: I have set 50 minute sets or shows, with both style registrations and midi files. With the XP, I have midi files in a playlist, in the order that I want to play them. To get to my style registrations (called ‘memories’ in the GEM products) I tic the “Memories” button, then a single number to choose the tune I want and start. To go back to the midis, I push the DB (Data Base) button, up pops my playlist as I left it, I choose the next tune and “enter” to start the midi and it will automatically play the next tunes on the list until I choose to go back to “Memories”. With the PA 800, there is only need for one playlist which can contain both style registrations and midi files, in any order I choose, and I just press “Next” to play whatever follows on the list be it midi or style.
The money question: With the Midjay, is it possible to do something like what I’m currently doing or is there a comparable way to navigate between styles and files that will not require too much time between tunes? (For me, when on stage, more than 8 seconds is too much time).

P.S. Tony, Sorry, I didn’t mean to highjack your post.