Hi AJ:
A few day ago I have bought the new Midjay Plus version 5.00 release.
I have problem with playing midi files and patterns.
For example the first factory pattern 12_8BALL from the Midjay Plus where the kick drum not playing clearly in Arrange D.
I think that fact is maybe the Midjay Plus have not enough polyphony or has an error of procesor for clear sound on drums track.
If I have load the pattern in to Midjay Plus and I hear that the kick drum on Arrange D sounds not clear, if I use edit the style and switch off the chord2 or chord3 the sound is clear.
Also I have try my midi file playing on Midjay Plus and also the sound from drums not playing good,
I hear some scratch and cut voices in kick drum, snare drum and others drums instruments.
On my Midjay Plus the snare, kick drums, crash cymbals , ect...sounds not good (sound is chocking)or very short.
I know that the midifiles sounded fine on old Midjay, because my friend give me a message that the midifile sounded fine on his old Midjay. I have tested the midi file on others Ketron, like SD-1, SD-2, X1 SD-5 and this midi file sounded fine.
Please give me a suggestion as to what is wrong and how to fix it. Is that hardware error or bug in software?
I know that the problem is not only on mine Midjay Plus, because I have received message from guy who living in Spain and he has also the same problem with his Midjay Plus. I don't know if Ketron Italy ignored my message ? ? ?
I'll be awaiting for your reply