I recently watched the BBC TV dramatisation of the early years of Shirley Bassey where a brilliant Ruth Negga did a fantastic job of portraying Dame Shirley.
This reminded me how much I enjoyed listening to Shirley and I must have spent a fair sum on her records in the 60's.
I suddenly realised that I play very few of her songs despite being such a fan of hers and put this down to the fact that my 2 favourites "I who have nothing" and "What now my love" are both songs which will not fit any style on my keyboards (this is usually the case for my favourite tunes).

Does anyone know of any styles written for these 2 specific songs - preferably true to the backing on Shirleys records and shows - either for the Technics KN7000 or the Tyros4?
Technics boards seem to be the only ones with many song specific styles available but I am unaware of any styles for the 2 songs in question.
It's rare to come across song specific styles for Yamaha boards at all, although I live in hope.

I am more than willing to purchase these if I can find a style producer who can supply the required styles.