"Best" is how I arrange the tunes and perform the vocals over the arranger;s capabilities. No one element of any keyboard is a guarentee for dancers. It's a combination of gear, skill and insight.
I can fill a dance floor with almost anything out there. I've had every major brand, and while I do think the Ketron drums are among the best - I can't say that they are THE best.
I use a Korg PA80. I also had great success with my Yamaha 9000pro, and gpoing back a ways .... my Roland E86. It's all in how you use it. I had a ball when I used the Alessiss sr16 drum machine with my Rhodes and a Moog bass too ! The dance floor was filled everynight.

Don't give the kb too much credit. It has to come from within to really "sell" a peformance !
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