Hi AJ,
Here is the list with the bugs I have on my XD3:

1 - The most dangerous and very annoying issue is the when the processor freezes during song playback and the display shows the” I/O disk error” message. This can happen with any kind of midi file: Ketron, Tune 1000, songs recorded with the XD3… . I have also noticed that after every event of this kind, the Jukebox list always goes back to the first position. Imagine a crowded dance floor, everybody having great fun and suddenly the XD3 stops in the middle of the song without me touching any button or even playing a note via midi controller. I was even called “amateur” in one of these situations!!! Strange thing is that is not happening on regular basis. Some times it occurs every day (even twice a day) for a period of time and then it may take weeks before it happens again. I was hoping that Midijay will be free of this problem. With great disappointment I’ve seen Midijay owners complaining about the very same problem on this forum and Yahoo as well.
2 – The bass notes are dropped when full polyphony. This happens in both: style and song play modes.
3 – GM Part, only the first page parameters can be saved, but not entirely. The “mute” function cannot be saved within the midi file. After finish editing a song and you load a different midi file, exactly the same tracks that were previously muted will be muted in the new one as well. It seems that the memory of the sequencer does not flush when a new midi file is loaded. The only way to “mute” a track is to lower its volume to “0” but that will still allow the track to trigger midi notes that will fill up the polyphony.
In the GM Part Filter page – NONE of changes done to these parameters can be saved! Again, loading a new song will keep the same filter changes that you just did to the previous midi file. I personally find this page useless. I would suggest removing those “GM Filter“options and adding instead a Velocity Edit page which will really make a big difference.
4 – When using single registrations, it is impossible to change the style within the same registration. If you try to change the style you will actually call another registration.
5 – In “Disk” mode everytime when a song, registration, text file, are modified and saved, the cursor returns to the first position of the list, and you need to scroll back to the file you’ve been working on. This is very inconvenient. The same thing happens also with the Juke Box list which I would recommend improving it by giving the cursor the possibility to jump backwards from “A” directly to “Z”.
6 – While playing a song and calling up the “Jukebox” list, will cause the player to skip few beats of the song and sometime even freeze the module.
7 – After performing with style/midi file that had a “.txt” file associated, when you play a karaoke file and you want to change the instruments and then press ”exit” , the lyrics from the .txt file will be overlapped with the lyrics of the karaoke file on the external monitor and so became impossible to read.
8 – After recording a song, the dynamic of the recording does not match the one of the initial performance. It has been improved with the last update but still does not capture the emphasis of the live performance.
9 – The “Piano Sustain” button does not work.
10 – Changing the Style play mode with the Song play mode, can cause the split point to jump to unwanted positions.
11 – The “Intelligent Transpose” function often acts really stupid, producing strange octave transpositions during song playback. This can happen to all the tracks but the drum tracks.
12 – Removing a “Drum Remix” option from a midi file can be done only with “Remove” button from the “Save” menu, which will also erase all the other changes made in the GM Part
13 – Yet another unusable function is the “Online Drum Remix” that never synchronizes the style with the midi file. It looks like the rhythm does not use the internal clock of the sequencer and therefore is always off beat.
14 – In the “GM Part” trying to switch from “Chorus” effect to “Delay” effect, never worked on my XD3. Also the “Distortion” effect acts very strange most of the times, the instrument became distorted, but the level of the track became very low.
15. the ¨page display time¨ function does not work as well.
For the time being, these are the issues that I remember of and need to be fixed. As a suggestion for the next upgrade version, I would recommend introducing the “save” function during playback. Just like the Midijay has now with the 3.0 version.
I would like to ask all the XD/Vega series users to post theyre problems here so we can finally get a clean OS version.
Thank you AJ and everybody else!
Flavi. www.fantasyband.ro