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...maybe alot or READ will ruin the SSD faster than IDE drive?

Hi again,

READING will not ruin the SSD, just WRITING wink

But don´t forget : ANY new registration, User-Style, Program-Voice, mp3, wave and so on, ( as a summary : anything you change ) will result in WRITING to the SSD.

Even if you have to write only 1 byte the SSD will write a full sector. Depending on it´s size and the HD-technique used this may result in writing up to 32 MB. If you do that 2000 times you´ve written 60 GB.

BUT : On a "normal HD" you´ll write it always on different sectors. On SSD you´ll write it always into THE SAME memory-cell, except the "intelligent use" of the drive is supported by the operating-system ( and the SSD-controller-chip ).

A cheap SSD with MLC memory maybe written only up to 3.000 times until the memorycell is destroyed.

BTW: Technically my post is not 100% correct, but it should figure only how the system works wink
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