EIDE is an older interface that was used in virtually all PCs; it has been superseded by the SATA interface, (Most these days being SATA 2 although SATA 3 is starting to become more common place)

SSD (Solid State Drive) is as it says pure solid state hardware, compared to a HDD (Hard Disk Drive) which has spinning discs and moving heads, consequently the replacement of EIDE with SSD request has no meaning.

What I think you mean is either that you would like the EIDE interface converted to a SATA interface so as to give a better data transfer throughput, (Many adaptors are available to do this, however you will still be limited to the same speed as the EIDE interface as to make full use of a SATA drive (Either HDD or SSD) requires a dedicated interface for it) or the EIDE HDD to be replaced with a SATA SSD.

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