... for previewing.

I have one unit which I have been working on and development is complete. I will be willing to show-off the unit to those who are interested, before the production units are released in a couple of days.

Current location(s):-
* Chuck Levins Washington Music Center in Wheaton, MD {Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3pm - 6pm}[301-946-8808 - ask for Home keyboards].
OR http://www.chucklevins.com/list.asp?d=keyboards&sd=arrangers&t=Module

* Keyboard City in Baltimore, MD {Tuesdays. Time TBD}. 410-665-6434
OR http://www.keyboardcity.net/ketron-sd1.htm

This unit is worth checking out ... especially if you're a performer who has always wanted to have more control over audio files, Midi Accordion/Guitar player or just want to check out some amazing new 'Audio' styles!!


Design Engineer & Product Specialist.