I need your help ROLAND Corp.
I need you to update whatever you need to in the BK7m so that it remembers what we write into performances. ALL of what we write. The manual says it can remember tempo lock, expression on/off and others, and my unit does not.

Lucky for me - I don't need to take this out on the road anytime soon. I can take the extra time in my studio to REset up the parameters that it seems to ignore, but if you want this animal out in the trenches where all my people will see and hear it in action - you need to make it a little more "together". No disrespect to the company or the product, but it does not do what it says it can.


1) will not remember the performance that is set to default. It remembers SOME of the parameters, but not all of it... style and name are 2 things that it "forgets"

2) seems to forget expression and tempo lock setting all the time. Even after I load in a new performance with the correct data. It had short term memory loss.

3) It'd be great if the auto accompaniment would turn off when you select MANUAL bass. Or, at least let us write a performance with the arranger off and the manual bass on. You'd think this was possible, as it states in the book, but in reality, the arranger still over-rides the selection. I have to mute every arranger part in a performance if I want to use manual bass. Not good.

4) switching performances NEED to be able to ignore style and tempo. Lots of us change performances during a song, but we NEED to keep the style that's running consistent. All I want to do is add fresh tones to the arrangement on the fly, and keep the drummer and bass player on task. C'mon ... this has been possible forever.

I am using v1.04 ..... v. 1.05 only mentions additions that don't apply to me. Time for 1.06 please! I need help!!!!!!!

I 90% love this thing - give me that extra 10% please???????

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Description: I'm happy blowin' the bari, but I'm sad when the BK let's me down! :(

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