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The Accordionist,

When you start using busy styles (esp. Latin) that incoorporate a lot of the live drums, it is easy to see why once you add harmony, you quickly do use up more than 64 notes (esp. when you take into consideration too that most of the sounds are actually multi-timbre!).



AJ -

I agree with you. I thought I understood what was going on when I would knock the style back to a "less-busy" A or B and noticed that I could play the harmony without clipping. I was just kind of shocked that I ran up against the limit playing single notes on the right hand using the Beguine style D and the full harmony option on the AltoSax.

I guess that's why there's all the bravado around how much polyphony each vendor's keyboards and modules have. I never suspected it would be important to me as I don't compose massive symphonies with 30 instruments.

Now I understand!

Thank you for your answer.