Well, I've my XD3 for a week now and absolutely love it! It does much more than I thought and after only a week I am completely at home with all of the menus and settings. What a great tool!

Polyphony, however, is not so hot. It's 64 note polyphony is actually 32 notes with multi-timbral sounds. I discovered that using just the solft altosax, with full harmony and an arranger style of C or D starts clipping the notes! And this is only playing a single note on the right hand! I figure that full harmony could be up to 5 notes per single right hand key played, and with the arrange style at C or D this is simply too much for the box! This seems a little problematic for me, as I like to use the full harmony feature along with the more busy styles.

Am I missing a setting or something? I'm very comfortable with the menus and settings and would be surprised if I missed something, but you never know!

Thanks. Like I say, I absolutely am crazy about the instrument.