Dear AJ

I hope you can help me re the following questions, the local hotline can't:

1. From time to time I recognise a couple of undocumented sysex strings in SD1-recorded midifiles. (E.g. F0 26 7B 23 ... / F0 26 7B 71 ... and others).
Where can I get a COMPLETE manual of ALL sysex strings? The attachment "Tables" to the user guide doesn't explain above sysex.

2. In the attachment "Tables" the chapter "Midi Banks & Program Change" shows the control / program changes for GM voices and Preset Voices. How do I address the Preset Voices in a midifile, especially banks D-G? (addressing the GM voices in a midifile is clear to me)

3. It happens, that I need to switch off + on the SD1 after having played a commercial midifile, in order to hear the correct right hand sounds in the next SD1-created midifile?
What midi / sysex string do I need to put in my own midifiles to reset the SD1 to its initial status and avoid this situation on stage?

Thanks for your assistance!
Brgds Hansruedi