Today, I performed in up upscale assisted living center, one that charges a fortune to be there, yet the food is institutional and very bland. I always kid the residents and tell them at the end of each performance that "I'll see everyone next month and I'm buying the crab cakes and beer." One lady, who is 92 years old, always sits in the front row and rarely cracks a smile. However, there are times when she sings along with me and is always tapping her feet to the beat. Last month she said "I would love to have that beer you are always offering, but they won't let up have it because of the medications. I would give anything, though, to have a crab cake on a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, some French fries and cole slaw. That's what I brought to her today for an early Valentines Gift. She was ecstatic, almost cried with happiness, gave me a big hug and said this was the best thing that has happened to her in the two years she has been at the facility. Damned, I love this job, and I only wish I could do this for everyone.


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