[b]At last we now have some clue about what to expect from the AJAMSONIC upgrade soon to be available for Audya 4/5


* New SOUNDS (Playable and used in new styles) !
> Modern/Synth sounds
> Live Audio HUMAN voices (you will think you heard a choir this time!)
> Live Audio VCE (Voice Character Emulation) - sax/accordion valves open/close, horn player breaths inbetween long notes ...etc
> Live Audio Guitar samples you can play
> Live Audio Sax and Horn samples you can play
> Live Audio Strings samples you can play
> Live Audio Organ samples/FM synthesis you can play - sound/clicks created depending on velociy (like real organ)

* New STYLES (which incoorporte new AUDIO DRUMS) !
> New AUDIO DRUMS (complex with AI)
> New Dance, Caribbean, Modern, Country & African styles
> Remixed styles using the new voices and revoiced Presets/Programs
> Over 500 styles have now been properly balanced
> AUTO VOICING ON STYLES (styles are now matched with voices as you switch from Arranger A-D).
> AUTO VOICE FILLER ON STYLES (styles that sound 'empty' now have auto strings/pad to 'hold bottom').

* New / Fixed FEATURES!
> Live Guitar strum (when chord is played hard, audio guitar phrase is replaced by live down-strum) ~ properly balanced
> AUTOMATED ARRANGER (After you play for a while, Arranger appears to 'add' parts to style - less redundancy!
> AUTO CHORD SKIP (Arranger LEFT voice can change chords while Arranger 'holds' previous chord just played).
> Perfect Midi sync when synchronizing Audio Drums to Midifiles
> Perfect Midi sync when synchronizing Audio Guitars to Midifiles
> Lead Voice MUTE on MP3 and Wave perfected
> VOICETRON VOCALIZER - better Eq for a broader range of voices. Great presets. (Better with Hardware modification below)
> New REGISTRATIONS / SONG LIST: Registration Presets now 'tuned' for songs. This list will be increased with time (free to
those who purchased this package) ...e.g Registration "New York" - when selected automatically sets AUDYA up with
appropriate style, tempo, voices (and user voices) ... etc for the song - New York, New york!
> Voice Lists to style - First page of styles in every group now have Favorit voices - accessible by pressing VOICE LIST + EFFECTS buttons to turn both on.

* No more AUDIO DRUM Glitch (timming as you switch between Arrangers or styles perfected so you don't here 'space'/glitch
* New Harmonizer feature (Voice HOLD). Holds a note(s) as you sing over (e.g sing "...Sohhh..." and press pedal to hold Ohh -as you sing over that - vocalier changes the "ohhh" as you change chords or keeps it at note song)
* More memory.
* More Live Audio Guitar chord recognition.
* More Live Guitar parts.
* More MSP and now arranged 'Alphabetically'
***PS:- I am still 'toying' with idea of ncreasing HD from 80GB to 160GB and RPM from 5400 to 7200!!

Price is still to be determined but packages will be sold as such:-

While I applaud AJ for taking the time to put this together and I'm sure no can imagine the amount of time involved, I still feel that Ketron should be made accountable for launching a product that was not fully functioning properly and had several flaws.
What you see above in AJS upgrade is what we were promised when we bought the product--but this was not the case and indeed most of what they advertised and promised was NOT included in the Audya. FALSE ADVERTISING ---surely ?????

Let me know your thoughts on this