Posted by: Rusty 999

AJs UPGRADES - 01/10/11 05:15 AM

[b]At last we now have some clue about what to expect from the AJAMSONIC upgrade soon to be available for Audya 4/5


* New SOUNDS (Playable and used in new styles) !
> Modern/Synth sounds
> Live Audio HUMAN voices (you will think you heard a choir this time!)
> Live Audio VCE (Voice Character Emulation) - sax/accordion valves open/close, horn player breaths inbetween long notes ...etc
> Live Audio Guitar samples you can play
> Live Audio Sax and Horn samples you can play
> Live Audio Strings samples you can play
> Live Audio Organ samples/FM synthesis you can play - sound/clicks created depending on velociy (like real organ)

* New STYLES (which incoorporte new AUDIO DRUMS) !
> New AUDIO DRUMS (complex with AI)
> New Dance, Caribbean, Modern, Country & African styles
> Remixed styles using the new voices and revoiced Presets/Programs
> Over 500 styles have now been properly balanced
> AUTO VOICING ON STYLES (styles are now matched with voices as you switch from Arranger A-D).
> AUTO VOICE FILLER ON STYLES (styles that sound 'empty' now have auto strings/pad to 'hold bottom').

* New / Fixed FEATURES!
> Live Guitar strum (when chord is played hard, audio guitar phrase is replaced by live down-strum) ~ properly balanced
> AUTOMATED ARRANGER (After you play for a while, Arranger appears to 'add' parts to style - less redundancy!
> AUTO CHORD SKIP (Arranger LEFT voice can change chords while Arranger 'holds' previous chord just played).
> Perfect Midi sync when synchronizing Audio Drums to Midifiles
> Perfect Midi sync when synchronizing Audio Guitars to Midifiles
> Lead Voice MUTE on MP3 and Wave perfected
> VOICETRON VOCALIZER - better Eq for a broader range of voices. Great presets. (Better with Hardware modification below)
> New REGISTRATIONS / SONG LIST: Registration Presets now 'tuned' for songs. This list will be increased with time (free to
those who purchased this package) ...e.g Registration "New York" - when selected automatically sets AUDYA up with
appropriate style, tempo, voices (and user voices) ... etc for the song - New York, New york!
> Voice Lists to style - First page of styles in every group now have Favorit voices - accessible by pressing VOICE LIST + EFFECTS buttons to turn both on.

* No more AUDIO DRUM Glitch (timming as you switch between Arrangers or styles perfected so you don't here 'space'/glitch
* New Harmonizer feature (Voice HOLD). Holds a note(s) as you sing over (e.g sing "...Sohhh..." and press pedal to hold Ohh -as you sing over that - vocalier changes the "ohhh" as you change chords or keeps it at note song)
* More memory.
* More Live Audio Guitar chord recognition.
* More Live Guitar parts.
* More MSP and now arranged 'Alphabetically'
***PS:- I am still 'toying' with idea of ncreasing HD from 80GB to 160GB and RPM from 5400 to 7200!!

Price is still to be determined but packages will be sold as such:-

While I applaud AJ for taking the time to put this together and I'm sure no can imagine the amount of time involved, I still feel that Ketron should be made accountable for launching a product that was not fully functioning properly and had several flaws.
What you see above in AJS upgrade is what we were promised when we bought the product--but this was not the case and indeed most of what they advertised and promised was NOT included in the Audya. FALSE ADVERTISING ---surely ?????

Let me know your thoughts on this

Posted by: Bernie9

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 01/10/11 05:45 AM

I think it is a mixed bag in that AJ's package includes fixes that should be up to Ketron to fix, although we have to assume they too are working on them.

In addition to fixes are new features and styles that Ketron never promised and I think that if we want them, AJ's package is the way to go.

A question would be what fixes do Ketron have in the hopper and what effect would they have on AJ's package in the way of duplication and compatibility.
Posted by: leezone

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 01/10/11 08:30 AM

have you tried this update? your thoughts?

i too am wondering how the Ketron updates 4.1C or 5.0
will install on top of AJ's, as i assume both will have timing fixes to audio, balancing of styles, etc...

almost seems like Ketron should pay AJ lots $$$ for his update, and then combine with theirs to release 1 update...

just my $0.02
Posted by: sas123

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 01/10/11 09:55 AM

what about eq for right sound?
and event edit in style edit (change note with program in edit style)
Posted by: Rusty 999

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 01/10/11 10:41 AM

No Leezone, its not available until Feb
I totally agree that ketron should integrate it into an update and pay for it and we should be demanding that. Think of what we were charged for an incomplete product and not only that but we were the TEST Pilots for this very expensive piece of kit as well

I think all would be forgiven even now with ketron , if they step up to the plate and do what they should have done in the first place
Posted by: leezone

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 01/10/11 10:57 AM

of course AJ should make his money

but i want 1 update , so combining the 2 (AJ's and Ketron's )
should be the way to go !!!
Posted by: leezone

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 01/10/11 12:55 PM


how about some Demos smile
Posted by: abc_doremi

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 01/10/11 01:16 PM

yes, demos please!
Posted by: Robbo

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 01/10/11 05:20 PM

I agree that Ketron should step up here, AJ has obviously done a lot of work making the board the way it should have been in the beginning or at least with the last major upgrade. So Ketron pays AJ, and releases the upgrade as a combined, and has a nominal charge for those who do not have the usb from the last upgrade.

And yes please AJ some demos

just my $0.03 worth
Posted by: Rusty 999

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 01/16/11 06:15 PM

I think this is going to put the cat among the pigeons

The Roland BK-7M is being released soon

At about a third of the cost of an audya or did I get that wrong??

let me know if I did
Posted by: leezone

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 01/16/11 09:30 PM

"At about a third of the cost of an audya or did I get that wrong??"

well ye, about 1/3 of Audya cost wise...

but at about 1/6 of the AUDYA overall quality, "live" sound wise...
Posted by: Ketron_AJ

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 01/16/11 11:53 PM

This unit 'BK-7M' would be in a similar category as the Midijay Plus and not the AUDYA series.
Posted by: dreamer85

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 01/17/11 06:43 AM

Roland BK-7M link:

humm, is a new product, but...
I not believe it is better than Ketron Midjay Plus...
Posted by: Rusty 999

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 01/17/11 09:14 AM

Have you actually heard it leezone?
I'm curious what the sounds are like?

Posted by: Robbo

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 01/17/11 05:38 PM

AJ some demo's please! please! please!

Posted by: abc_doremi

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 01/28/11 09:53 AM

AJ, we'd like to see and hear demos!
Posted by: Ketron_AJ

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 03/16/11 08:14 PM


Sorry I have been away for a while, but still working away on this big update. Trust me, I'd rather release it complete with manual (and DVD manual for those who would love to purchase one) than rush just to meet up with a date-line. I am sorry for the delay but a lot of our Engineers with whom we are working on this with (due to bad climate and other reasons) are a little behind in delivering thier 'end'. We are now charging ahead at full steam. We have not let you down before and don't intend on this being the first time either ...

Audio and Video demos are soon going up as to what to expect ... in April. The input from all Beta testers is also being carefully reviewed so as to tweek any required changes ... if/where needed.

PS: This is with regards to the AJAM update previously announced!


Posted by: audyaplayer

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 03/17/11 02:18 AM

Aj,your update,this goes through Ketron Italy or under your licence,i've heard Ketron also comes with an update before frankfurter messe,if it is not,can we load the updates from Ketron in the future,if yours already is be installed.
gr Audyaplayer.
Posted by: leezone

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 03/17/11 08:04 AM


being that there is AJ update and POSSIBLY one from Ketron coming

how exactly would that work as far compatibility?

overlapping update consequences?

reprogram of the OTHERS update changes making one update change with install of the other?

we choose one or the other, AJ's or Ketron's?
Posted by: Ketron_AJ

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 03/17/11 10:28 AM

The updates are independent and ofcourse you can use/have both, or one or ....

Ours doesn't impact/take away that from Ketron Italy ... it simply ADDS ... a whole lot!

Posted by: leezone

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 03/17/11 09:14 PM


let's say yours balances the overall volumes of style parts, which i assume it does

and now Ketron's also balances overall volume of style parts,
perhaps same styles, with their distinct & different values

how is this "independent" of each other?
and how is this having "both"?
Posted by: Ketron_AJ

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 03/17/11 09:34 PM

In our style balance, we've copied all FACTORY styles into the USER location and so we're only working with the styles just in the USER location, leaving original Factory styles alone (which is where Ketron will balance if that is being offered). This was done this way purposly to allow you to do an A/B (before and after), especially with the timing 'stuff'. You'll appriciate what we've been able to achieve!


Posted by: leezone

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 03/17/11 09:51 PM

that makes sense
thanks aJ

looking forward to hearing and seeing all this in action

i hope ALSO that Ketron does their part and gives us all a huge free update

but perhaps your update does all theirs will do PLUS lots more

this is all assumimg they'll be at "Messe"

can you elaborate on the "hardware" side of your update
whether its needed for your update
and how much memory, sounds, waveforms, etc....

Posted by: Rusty 999

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 03/18/11 05:28 AM

AJ, Will there be any change to how midis are selected and started
My one gripe was always that it was wrong to have a midifile immediately START as soon as it was selected. On the older X4 you can select a midifile but you then have to press PLAY and that makes more sense in my opinion as it rules out mistakes being made in your choice of file etc
Posted by: Bernie9

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 03/18/11 06:50 AM

Would the purchase of of a software/hardware enhancement affect the factory warranty
Posted by: Ketron_AJ

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 03/19/11 09:02 PM

No. Factory warantee is not affected by either one.

Rusty 999
When you highlight a midifile, it doesn't start playing UNTIL you either press ENTER or the red START button to play it. Is this what you are refering to?

That degree of detail will soon be released giving customers the choise to choose what they want in their upgrade (as what satisfies Peter might just get Paul upset - so why have Paul pay for what he doesn't need/like?)


Posted by: Bernie9

Re: AJs UPGRADES - 03/20/11 02:52 AM

I didn't understand this about the midi queue either, but say I am playing a style in registration to be followed by a midi file.
The midi file is right there where you highlighted, ready for play when you press the midi button.