Hi Bernie,
just had a horrid thought. Did your store mention that you may require a usb to midi cable if you want to connect the sd2 directly to a laptop?? SD2 has midi In & Thru but no usb, so connecting to a controller keyboard with midi , shouldn't be a hassle.

If you're refferring to using the KN composer for testing, hopefully you won't have too many hassles. I remember the kn7 wasn't the easiest machine in the world to setup when it came to connecting it to sound modules & sequencers.

I tested the sd2 midi loops via Windows media player ( should also work for gm midifiles)
I just changed the settings in control panel
Sounds & audio devices
Midi music playback
to USB audio device ( or whatever name your usb to midi device comes up with)
then clicked on to the midifile & it played. Quick way to test all those loops.

best wishes

p.s. if you don't have the cable, maybe the thru function on your controller could be used ie midi the controller to pc, and try midi thru controller to midi in sd2. Not sure if this would work.

Originally posted by Bernie9:
Hi Rikki
I have OMB up and running in both machines,but haven't learned it yet. Also, my SD2 arrived last night, and haven't yet hooked that up.

I have had a hectic playing schedule with my KN7000, but have to return to my ongoing project of becoming independant of my arranger. You are light years ahead of me,and will be counting on you to help me.

I would like to use SD1 and my laptop to provide styles while using my Receptor and my Axiom 61 controller keyboard as soon as I learn to send the various instructions via program changes and cc messages. I will start with using my Composer sequencer to test the SD2. Hopefully it will be better than my old Echo card.

I always dig a big hole for myself, then have to climb out.

More later

best wishes
Rikki 🧸

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