Received this email from Jos Maas
Get this: IT NOW HOSTS VST AND DXi!!! Wow!

Copied without permision.

The demo for One Man Band version 10.0 is available for download at

One Man Band is a software arranger (real-time and sequenced) and
style editor utilising Yamaha styles.

Some of the new features are:

VSTi and DXi hosting with support for ASIO drivers. This has been the
most requested feature in the last 4 years. So now you can plug in
your softsynths. In the MIDI-out settings DXi's and VSTi's can be
added to the MIDI-out list and then selected for each separate

Load the next style without interrupting the currently playing style
in live mode (switch-without-a-glitch). When the new style is loaded
it will take over at the start of the next measure.

Reduced latency version of the Microsoft synthesizer. The default
MIDI Out is now the JM synthesizer. It uses the same wavetables as
the Microsoft synthesizer but hasn't got the quarter second delay
before you hear a pressed key.

Style loudness correction to compensate for the loudness differences
between styles from different origins. Available in menu

Control all the different volumes with the sliders of a MIDI keyboard
controller in live mode. Define the controllers you want to use for
this in menu settings/keyboard-control-functions. In the same window
you can define MIDI triggers for each function, by specifying MIDI

A new function is Block Tempo. If on it will ignore the tempo of a
new loaded style and play the new style in the same tempo as the
previous one.

Use wave sound effects in live mode. Wave files can be loaded in the
SFX panel in PC keyboard 2 and MIDI keyboard window.

Improved user interface. Arranger, eventslist and pianoroll window
will show more measures/events/notes when the window is enlarged. The
Window will scroll while playing in eventslist, pianoroll and
arranger window. OMB will start in the window that was last used.
I play Roland EM20 and Yamaha PSR550