Some time ago (a very long time ago) I said I was closing in on my new updated arranger system namely the flr2007 with the following updates:

Kontakt 2.2
Live - Styler

Also, a long time ago I said, "What is left to update or acquire includes Garritan's GM and some other sound libraries (GPOA, Virtual Instruments, etc.)".

Well, I am still waiting for the Garritan GM wavetable which should be out during the Fall of 2007....we'll see!!!

In the meantime I am working towards my flr2008 software based arranger system. There have been recent updates as follows:

Kontakt 2.3 and soon 3.0
Live-Styler 9.7
GPO & JABB Kontakt Players & Libraries
Bandstand - soon
forte Ensemble - soon (testing beta versions)

I am staying a while longer with Windows XP. Vista still seems to have the following issues:

* Drivers are still missing or weak for soundcards etc.

* Support for 64 bit operations in applications is still not available or weak.

* To many bugs in general.

So I plan on waiting for another 6 months to a year before I convert to Vista.