I agree with RobertG. OMB and Live Styler are not professional.
OMB can't host vst or soundfonts, this necessitates more external software: a host (Forte), a soundfont host (LS Pro), virtual cable (MIDI Yoke), a driver (ASIO4ALL), etc.
Live Styler, uses numbers (instead of notes) to set the split point. I was trying to adjust the accompaniment volume on the weekend and couldn't find how to adjust the volume. It's called "MELODY". Wouldn't that be what you play in your right hand? It should be called "ACCOMPANIMENT".
Both take time, patience, lots of trial and error, and lots of help to setup properly.
I haven't demoed Hypersonic 2 yet, but I think this type of vst is the way to go. It inclues GM voices and lead voices.
A true professional softsynth arranger would include standard high quality voices. This would make it a total usueable package, right out of the box. Just an opion.

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