Hi Bernie

What would I recommend? I don't even consider myself a novice yet, but my idea as a player and a teacher, is to download OMB, Live Styler and maybe Jammer Live and just start diddeling with them and keep checking into this and related forums. I wouldn't go at any of this too fast as far as learning and understanding as it is, unless you are a real techie, could just about blow most people away.

I am interested enough just to kind of slowly play around with it and see how it all works and sounds, how much work is involved, if I enjoy doing the work, find out if it's satisfying, etc, etc. I don't think most people will get a quick answer or feel for this, unless they grew up as a kid with a computer and understand a bunch of that.

Anyway, this is the approach I am taking this time. I have tried this soft approach a few other times, but I was too impatient, wanting to jump ahead of my understanding and ability, so I'd get frustarted and dump it.

This time, I realize I don't know much, that it's really new to most people, even the ones that are doing it rather well. So, I'm going to go at it with a I'm just going to play around with this attitude. When I play around with it, I will only do it as long as it is fun and interesting. If I get frustrated, I know it is time to stop for the moment and come back.

This I feel is the best approach on this science, which is the way I view what this really is.


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