Hi Fran,
as mentioned, you can use Jammer Pro styles
& I was really excited when I discovered that you could now create styles from midifiles in version 6.

Really don't want to waste time learning the style structure of Jammer Pro 6 when the only software that really interested me was Jammer Live itself..

Like Miden, I was really dissapointed to find out there wasn't going to be a Jammer Live 2.

They lost a customer who's bought every upgrade since version 1 (including the style disks,) since back in the early 90's.

Not that I really used it all that much, as I prefer playing with arranger functions.

sooo dissapointing.

best wishes

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Fran Carango:
[B]Rikki, that is a shame..I really liked Jammer Live...but with limited styles available...
best wishes
Rikki 🧸

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