Hi, I'm new to this BBS and a rookie at sequencing. I'm hoping those far more experienced can help me.

I own a Korg Triton Studio and need to sequence some backing tracks for use in a live situation to play horn parts, strings, effects, etc.

I understand how to do this on the keyboard but my question is: How should I create the tracks so that everyone else in the band can play in sync with the tracks? Normally the drummer would start a song my setting the tempo by counting down 1-2-3-4 by tapping his sticks together. Since this will no longer be possible and basically be my job on the synth/sequencer to do this. How do you all go about doing this WITHOUT using the audible metronome countdown built into the sequencer. My thoughts would be to sequence the 'sticks countdown' for one bar the have some sort of simple drum beat playing but I don't want interfere with the actual drummers beats.

How do you all go about doing this?

If I'm not clear enough with my question, please feel free to ask me. This is my first attempt at this.

Thanks! IGGY