Hi all..
Sorry for yelling , but this can't be said clear enough:
Why don't Yamaha make an option for 2/4 fill-in's?
When playing with style(s), there's a lot of melodies that can't be play the way they should because of the lack of this little half-bar option is missing.
"Song song blue"
Grateful Dead: Viola Lee Blues, Cream Puff War, Blues For Allah Playing In The Band
"Knowing me knowing you"
+ a lot of others..
Some danish melodies who needs the 2/4 fill-in:
"Bonsoir madame" (Big Fat Snake)
"Hva' gør vi nu" (Kim Larsen)
Many of these songs are higly wanted at the dance floor, so this should be implemented in the software update.
Tyros3 should have a button for this

I've heard Yamaha is gathering information for a software update, so PLEASE AD YOUR OPPINION/COMMENT ON THIS ONE, add more melodies that miss that 2/4 fill-in.
might be they read this tread and kindly add it as a software opportunity???
Chris Hansen/ ChokDK

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