I just got an estimate from our local Ketron rep here in Houston on the repair of my SD-1, sight unseen, and it is quite disappointing. I don't think I'd be willing to spend more than $1000 to repair without even having the keyboard looked at or analyzed.

The estimate includes replacement of two boards and a vocalizer kit as follows:
1 PB362 Board $495.00

1 PB343 Board 325.00

1 Vocalizer Kit 200.00

Is it Ketron's policy to just replace the boards when something doesn't work? Seems to me that it would cost at least a few hundred to fix ANYTHING that goes wrong with the SD-1 if the policy is replacing the boards without analyzing what is wrong with it.

Sorry if I sound disgruntled but truly, I am. I don't replace my computer's motherboard if it doesn't boot up, or if it crashes or if slows down. Anyway, I hope that I didn't make a big mistake in buying a Ketron keyboard.

Houston, TX