Originally posted by Fran Carango:
Uncle Ben..Do you sing? Do you need a mic input?
How about a vocal harmonizer..does that interest you?

Since you are comfortable with Yamaha...I think it may be fine if you stay with Yamaha..

If you sing and think a vocalizer would be interesting, there will be many PSR3000's available, because many are up grading..

They should be found easily under a $1,000..

If vocals are not important[not sure if mic input is on the S-500, but I think so]..the S500 may be a good choice..

I am a strong Roland fan, and I would always say go for the Roland..but in your situation and comfort zone..stay with a Yamaha..

Thank you Fran! Just the kind of advice I was looking for. And that's what I thought too, stay with Yamaha. Better the devil you know ... Can I sing? I think so, but nobody wants to hear it ... so I think I'm better off without the MIC. And given the price differential still between the 3000 and PSR-S500, I think I'll opt for the latter. Yes, if I could afford it, I'd sure go with the 3000, it has everything that the S500 has, plus plus plus... But from a budget standpoint, I think the S500 will do just fine. Thanks again.
Uncle Ben