Hi, everyone. I'm new to this forum, so please stay with me here.

I'm not a complete newbie, but I'm still green, at least compared to some of the pros who contribute to this forum. I currently have a Yamaha PSR-295 that I enjoy a lot ... but I'm looking to upgrade it.

What +'s I'm looking for in relation to the 295: better sound, better amps & speakers, more and better styles, ease of use, etc.

I don't do the MIDI stuff, too old to learn all the jazz, I just want to get my EZ-Play books and entertain myself, family and friends. I have no desire to compose music, and all that sequencing jazz.

So ...Should I keept my 295 and shut up ... or is there something better out there that will be a significant improvement over what I currently have. I have been looking around quite a bit, and it seems that the new Yamaha PSR-S500 and the Roland E50 would fit the bill quite nicely. I think the Yamaha is cheaper but price aside, I'm looking for the 'experts' opinion. Given my profile and what I want to do with the board, was is the best investment for ME.

TIA for you help!

Best regards to all!
Uncle Ben