Hi Anthony,

I'm having a very difficult time figuring out what your setup is. When you refer to having the "Solton controller built into the treble side", just what do you mean? I'm not familiar with a Solton controller that you could build into an accordion. What I'm envisioning is that you have some sort of "non-standard" MIDI controller built into your accordion that came with no manual and there is no way to get support for it. If that's the case, then I'd opt for assuming you have a "brain-damaged" MIDI controller in your accordion and you should use it strictly for sending Note 0n/Note Off information to the XD3 (program desired sounds via the XD3). And if the "non-standard" MIDI controller in the accordion is for only the right hand (MIDI channel 1 I assume), then you're plain dead in the water. You need to have bass and chord information (Note On/Note Off) provided from the accordion to the XD3 via MIDI channels 3 and 2. Without that, the XD3 has nothing to work with and not only can't you select sounds for the Bass and Chords, you can't play them at all. If my assessment here is pretty far off the mark it's because I can't for the life of me figure out what kind of setup you have. BTW, I assume you have the manual for the XD3. Is that true? Ciao.

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Thanks for your response Bill,
I have the Solton controller built into the treble side. No one has come up with a manual and thus far I have only been able to program it to change registration and right hand lead voices.
I can't figure out how to program the controller for those left hand bass and chord voices.
Any help fron you, AJ or any member would be greatly appreciated.
Bell midi piano accordion with Solton controller
Ketron MS40 and XD3